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Neuropathy vs Neuronopathy

NeuropathyA discussion of neuropathic disorders encompasses those diseases that affect the neuron’s cell body, or neuronopathies, and those affecting the peripheral process, or peripheral neuropathies. Neuronopathies can be further subdivided into those that affect only the anterior horn cells, or motor neuron disease, and those involving only the sensory neurons, also called sensory neuronopathies or ganglionopathies. Peripheral neuropathies can be broadly subdivided into those that primarily affect myelin, or myelinopathies, and those that affect the axon, or axonopathies.
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Sensory neuronopathies (SNs) are a specific subgroup of peripheral nervous system diseases characterized by primary degeneration of dorsal root ganglia and their projections. Multifocal sensory symptoms often associated to ataxia are the classical features of SN. Several different etiologies have been described for SNs, but immune-mediated damage plays a key role in most cases. SN may herald the onset of some systemic autoimmune diseases, which further emphasizes how important the recognition of SN is in clinical practice. Click on link