Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

PSP Hummingbird sign

64yr male with the main complain of instability for three years; when he stands up something push him backwards and he has a feeling like walking on sponge. About a year ago he has started to miss lines while reading and has a problem with sight when bending or looking upwards. He has diabetes and […]


Superior Oblique Myokymia

This is an interesting case of a 48yr woman with a 2year complaint of missing lines when reading and blurring when focusing on something or someone. She has frequent fluttering of the right eye lasting less than a minute and feeling like right eye is crossing over left one. The only thing I found in […]


Posterior Canal Dehiscence

posterior canal dehiscence

Man 49yr with tinnitus and hearing loss at right ear lasting for 5-6years. Two times per year he has episodes of positional vertigo usually lasting about 7 days (last time a month ago). He doesn’t have vertigo on sounds. tympanograms type A But cVEMP shows good vestibulo-cervical reflex at both sides. Because of present cVEMP, […]


Wallenberg or lateral medullary syndrome

Lateral medullary syndrome

74yr woman with acute vestibular syndrome 10days old, but with still pronounced instability. She has diabetes and hypertension. On first day she was hypertensive 200mmHg and with described 3rd grade of Ny to the right. Because CT was ok she was dismissed. On a second day again at emergency unit there was not described Ny […]


Acute Isolated Utricular Lesion

oVEMP utriculus

Woman 66yr with symptoms of acute vestibular syndrome comes three weeks later to our office with complaints of slight instability, oscillopsia and vertigo with abrupt head movements. No spont Ny, head-impulse neg. positional tests neg. VHIT, calotic test and cVEMP didn’t show any pathological finding BUT oVEMP showed left utricular deficit. SVV also confirmed it: […]


Summer school of Audiology


Zajvaljujući prof. Komazecu koji je omogućio ovu izuzetnu edukaciju dodajem moj skromni doprinos na temu oboljenja unutrašnjeg uva po nazivu francuskog naučnika Menierova bolest from Dusan Pavlovic + zanimljiv link o striji vaskularis Ukoliko imate bilo kakva pitanja, možete me kontaktirati mailom: ili na facebook: dr.dusan.pavlovic Program i najavu sledeće konferencije iz oblasti novina […]


First SHIMP in Serbia

In head impulse test, patient is looking at earth fixed target while passive and unpredictable movement quickly turns his head. In subjects with preserved VOR function the vision stays at target regarding eye movement at same velocity but opposite direction. While in patients with deficient VOR function eyes don’t move, or eyes velocity lag head […]