Summer school of Audiology


Zajvaljujući prof. Komazecu koji je omogućio ovu izuzetnu edukaciju dodajem moj skromni doprinos na temu oboljenja unutrašnjeg uva po nazivu francuskog naučnika Menierova bolest from Dusan Pavlovic + zanimljiv link o striji vaskularis Ukoliko imate bilo kakva pitanja, možete me kontaktirati mailom: ili na facebook: dr.dusan.pavlovic Program i najavu sledeće konferencije iz oblasti novina […]


First SHIMP in Serbia

In head impulse test, patient is looking at earth fixed target while passive and unpredictable movement quickly turns his head. In subjects with preserved VOR function the vision stays at target regarding eye movement at same velocity but opposite direction. While in patients with deficient VOR function eyes don’t move, or eyes velocity lag head […]


Betahistine in treating Meniere’s disease patients

What is the long term efficacy of betahistine dihydrochloride on the incidence of vertigo attacks in patients with Meniere’s disease, compared with placebo? METHODS: The BEMED trial is a multicentre, double blind, randomised, placebo controlled, three arm, parallel group, phase III, dose defining superiority trial conducted in 14 German tertiary referral centres Results of this […]


INO – Internuclear ophtalmoplegia


Internuclear ophtalmoplegia (INO) results from the damage of the MLF (medial longitudinal fasciculus). The eye on the lesional side can’t adduct during horizontal eye movements. That results in dubble vision when looking contralesionaly. But contruary to III nerve paresis, the eye can adduct during convergence eye movement. The most frequent cause of INO are stroke […]


Big CPA tumor without symptoms


43yr woman noticed few month ago when she listened to the music with earphones that it didn’t sound the same at both sides, she haired worse at the left. In her family hearing problems has father, uncle and aunt. She hasn’t have any balance problems. Here’s her audiogram: reduced hearing at high frequencies at both […]


Hummingbird sign and Mickey Mouse sign in PSP

Hummingbird sign

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) or Steele-Richardson-Olszewski Syndrome is neurodegenerative dissorder, characterized by akinetic rigid parkinsonism, dizziness, unsteadiness, slowness, falls, and pseudobulbar dysarthria, and also supranuclear eye movement abnormalities which presented as downward, or upward, or combination gaze palsy. The very characteristic radiologic signs are: Hummingbird sign (penguin sign) Mickey Mouse sign Here’s few very useful […]


Neuropathy vs Neuronopathy


A discussion of neuropathic disorders encompasses those diseases that affect the neuron’s cell body, or neuronopathies, and those affecting the peripheral process, or peripheral neuropathies. Neuronopathies can be further subdivided into those that affect only the anterior horn cells, or motor neuron disease, and those involving only the sensory neurons, also called sensory neuronopathies or […]